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About Nicole

Nicole A. Grant is an International American, born in Lebanon, raised in England and Switzerland, and presently based in the Boston area (historic Concord, MA). She managed the International Clinic at Boston Medical Center until the advent of children, when she co-founded Yoga Mandala in 2001 on the heels of 9/11 with Sarah Church (currently senior business development executive at Massachusetts Eye and Ear).  Nicole brings over two decades of dedicated yoga practice and experiential research in the lineage of Sri T. Krishnamacharya (Patthabi Jois and BKS Iyengar) to her visionary programs and unique style of teaching. The practice of tuning ‘in’, embodying with wisdom, and seeing clearly the stories we create or tell ourselves in our mind is the basis for restructuring the personal and professional belief systems that undermine integrity and positive outcomes in work, family and life.

Nicole is the author of the book, Yogini’s Dilemma: To Be or Not to Be a Yoga Teacher? Geared to practitioners of yoga who seek to ‘do more’ with their yoga, the question becomes not so much whether to be a yoga teacher or not, but rather, how to live and extend one’s yoga into action in the world. Yoga Mandala Academy offers a pathway to a more personally satisfying and lucrative application of the powerful methodologies of yoga to all realms of day-to-day life. Our programs offer insights into how to draw from all your training to determine your unique gift, develop a mission statement, build your ‘value ladder’ and create messaging that matters in every conversation.

Nicole designs programs that build on the powerful and practical methodologies of yoga to empower self-agency and resilience in the face of adversity, conflict, and significant stress in the work place as well as in our personal lives. She personally leads monthly Self-Mastery Yoga Practice Clinics, 1-day Prosperity Intensives and 6-day Mandala Training Programs worldwide (as part of a 300/500-hour yoga teacher training option). Yoga Mandala Academy’s programs hold space for your own personal embodiment practice and transformation while exploring the traditional and proven therapeutic methodologies of yoga (all based in cognitive sciences and brain neuroplasticity research) as a pathway to potentiating the greatest manifestation of yourself you can be in the world. You are not bound by any particular system of yoga or other training; rather, you will be guided by the time-tested truths and wisdom of the yogic path itself to deliver your message in a way that matters to you and makes a difference in the world.

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