Yoga Mandala

The Who, What, & When of Yoga Mandala

Our Mission

Yoga Mandala’s mission is to offer up the powerful practice of yoga to anyone and everyone. My intention is to make yoga accessible to you and to always leave you feeling better than you did when you showed up. I am committed to sharing my belief in the methodologies of yoga through physical practices for the body, breath work and kriyas for balancing energy systems, and meditation techniques for calming and centering the mind.


Our Origin

Yoga Mandala’s first manifestation was as a community yoga studio, founded on the heels of September 11, 2001. I want to say the studio just kind of happened, without much forethought or planning even. In fact, it took a lot less thinking than doing and would certainly never have come into existence without the time and energy, kindnesses and trust of many, many, many people…I like to believe that the Yoga Mandala was a natural extension of my own process of self-growth synergistic with yoga’s growing popularity in this country at the time.

At the foundation of yoga’s exponential growth in America is the fact that our culture feeds our collective desire to find answers (to questions we haven’t always formulated), to accomplish and attain goals (we don’t necessarily realize we don’t actually want for ourselves), to gratify our whims and desires (driven by ego and the whimsies of our thinking mind). Our basic currency in this society is money, so yes, we have this tendency to measure all we do and what we are in dollars and cents. And today, yoga is a multi-billion dollar industry, with many benefitting from the meteoritic interest in the practice. But for many yoga teachers, teaching yoga is not a particularly lucrative enterprise, well, not if you measure it in currency. I can attest, however, that the practice brings wealth and prosperity to the practitioner in countless ways, by asking us to relax our resistance and attachment to what is.

So while Yoga Mandala is no longer a studio, per se, the place of practice is our very own heart, or bhava, a place of mindful intent. We are a mandala of practitioners and friends who continue to practice together at Blue Monkey Yoga in Winchester. We continue to feel what it’s like to breathe, to appreciate the gift of the physical body and the joy of movement, and to experience moments of stillness and equanimity within ourselves, in community.  The door is always open to anyone and everyone. And my intention, as your guide, is to make each yoga experience an extraordinary one.



Why Start Yoga?

  1. CURIOSITY. What is yoga all about anyway? There are many different yoga traditions, and many more teachers who do not teach within a single tradition, so come try something different, come try something new, give yourself the benefit of mind, & body health, and explore several classes or try different teachers before you come to any conclusions…
  2. EXPERIENCE. the benefits of yoga for yourself; you keep hearing how great it is for you, now is the time to try it out.
  3. ROUTINE. Just as painful habits take time to unravel, a new discipline takes time to instill
  4. RELAX. By using your breath, learn how to unwind and create more balance in your body and mind.
  5. SPACE. Life will always be busy. Learn how to create more balance and space in your day-to-day life.
  6. HAPPINESS. The key to contentment and peace comes when you take time to know yourself on all levels. Delve into this time-seasoned practice to re-discover what is always there but perhaps you’ve neglected or forgotten.