How may I serve?

What does it mean for your yoga to be coherent with your life?

In Yogini’s Dilemma, I explore how the yoga practitioner can step into the heart of her conflict (any conflict) using the methodology of yoga to inform her life and walk the path of being true to herself, as a teacher of yoga or not. While I address the female yoga practitioner, I do so only because this is the form I entertain in this life. As a white woman, I grapple with how I have contributed to a yoga system that is inherently problematic in the United States due to rampant cultural appropriation, spiritual bypassing, and white washing of the yoga practice, and how to be the most authentic and effective ally in breaking down the systems that discriminate against black bodies out of all proportion.

In the video link to the right I speak to the dilemmas many of us practitioners engage in that are far more relevant to our lives than to our yoga. It is only that our yoga has the capacity to show us where we are not in alignment and integrity with ourselves and how that reveals itself in our life and all our relationships.

With The Mandala Project I seek to step back, listen deeply to the voices, perspectives and wisdom of black leaders and disenfranchised communities. I seek to engage in the difficult conversations and the heart of conflict to touch our common humanity. And I want more than anything to build social emotional capital by inspiring and facilitating the simple, authentic and transparent commitments that add value and equity to educational outcomes and sustainability. I don’t have an answer to these problems. I do have a question though: How may I serve?

I’d love to hear from you: