1-Day SUBTLE BODY DYNAMICS IMMERSION at BWBH on Retreat: Sun February 9, 2020 10a-5p

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What is 1-Day SUBTLE BODY DYNAMICS IMMERSION at BWBH on Retreat: Sun February 9, 2020 10a-5p?


FULL DAY IMMERSION: Empty your energy ‘junk drawers’ and feel the flow of energy as you honor what it means to bring yourself back into alignment with your self, your relationships, your life and your work. The proverbial mid-life crisis can happen at ANY time; small crises happen ALL the time. It can be far too easy to overlook them as insignificant, a passing storm, only to have them come back with effect to bite us when we’re not looking. The vicissitudes of life are par for the course. However, they become burdensome when we forget to pay attention, when we’re not listening to what it is we really want for ourselves, and when we neglect to ask for what it is we need, unapologetically. It’s the inner conflict, the guilt, the people-pleasing and the singular striving for something we may not actually want. It boils down to this: What are you waiting for? Step out of the ‘waiting room’ into an open space of engagement. We specialize in offering experiences that meet the needs of each participant rather than having you conform to a general practice that may not best serve your needs at this time. Take this one special day to retreat and come back to who you know yourself to be. Figure out how to ask for what it is you REALLY want and feel good getting it! Nicole and Lara serve as your gentle intention guides on this journey to mindful BE-ing.

Our full-day retreat will look like this:

  • Opening grounding exercise (Lara)
  • Introductions
  • The Chakra System of Subtle Energy: Exploring the Interplay of Shadow & Light (Nicole)
  • Morning Embodiment Yoga Practice (Nicole with Lara)
  • Intention Accelerator (Nicole)
  • Intention Practices – individual one-on-one meetings (Nicole & Lara)
  • [When not meeting with either moderator you are free to roam the grounds at your leisure or rest or read]
  • Sealing Intention Meditation (Lara)
  • Closing Ceremony

Your Investment (Yoga Mandala Community Introductory Package): $350


We look forward to inviting you to the serene setting at Be Well Be Here on Retreat and exploring all the good stuff of life. Nicole & Lara