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Bring your gifts and uniqueness to the fore. Draw from your yoga training and other practices to determine your particular brand of ‘special’. Develop your voice, your message and your self-worth with Yoga Mandala Project’s 2-day Leadership Training & Intention Accelerator Intensive, which offers insights into how to draw from your training and yoga practices to determine your unique talents, develop a vision statement, build your ‘value ladder’ and create messaging that matters in every conversation.


Yoga is at its foundation about self-actualization:  Start by paying attention–to everything and everyone in your sphere of life. Discover what matters most to you (motivate). Learn to trust your process through direct experience (authenticate). And then become single-pointedly intentional in how you wish to manifest the things you want for yourself and how you wish to be in the world (potentiate). These are all statements of self-worth. These are all markers for physical, emotional and mental well being. These are bearings for reaching your singular and fullest potential. The world desperately needs what you have to offer. You deserve to be in service AND prosperous in health, wealth and wisdom.

Design your ideal vision and implement a strategy to achieve it. We’ll identify the narratives and paradigms that are holding you back, and the core values and inner resolve that will thrust you into forward motion.  Yoga is ALL about seeing the games the mind plays and then mastering the mind by re-framing the way you talk to yourself and the stories you tell others.

I’ve been practicing all of this in my yoga and applying it to my life and have learned that self-actualization is really in the constant ebb and flow and unfolding of life as I pursue and persist in my own practice of yoga to the best of my abilities and with what I can bring to the table in each moment. The payoff is in paying close attention to what is showing up in my immediate sphere of awareness and not getting so busy in the act of living that I miss noticing those precious moments of serendipity. It is also in the intentionality I bring to my thoughts and speech and actions. The discipline and devotion you bring to your ‘preparation’ is far more powerful than the ‘how’ of getting to where you think you want to go, for the rational mind has very few solutions to the real problems of life and living.

Can we start by creating the space in our life to really begin looking at our thoughts and how they are holding us back? Can we begin looking at our perspectives on the world and the people in it and how they might be shutting us down to new and exciting experiences? Can we look at our speech and hear what it is exactly we are saying and how we are saying it? Maybe it is we need to listen harder to hear what is actually being said.  And can we behave in a way that feels congruent with who we each are and not at odds with ourselves or those around us?


  • The 8-Step Process of Yoga
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Basic Business Principles
  • Re-framing Marketing & Sales
  • Empathy & Foundations (Audience)
  • Indexing Data (What does the data tell us that is Truth?)
  • Positioning: Where Are The Gaps in the Market? Who Needs Me?
  • Value Extraction & Conscious Capitalism
  • The Consultative Process & Actionable Steps
  • Strategic Design Model


  • Get clear on your core values
  • Get clear on your message
  • Who is your client avatar?
  • Create your vision statement
  • Craft your signature speech
  • Establish a strategy for real-time market feedback
  • How to Become a Leader.