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Empty your energy ‘junk drawers’ and feel the flow of energy as you honor what it means to bring yourself back into alignment with your self and into honest relationship with your personal, professional and spiritual life. The proverbial mid-life crisis can happen at ANY time, while other ‘crises’–an inherent aspect of life and living–happen ALL the time. It can be far too easy to overlook them as insignificant, a passing storm, only to have them come back with effect to bite us when we’re not looking. This is what we often refer to as ‘drama’.

Once we arrive at the fundamental understanding that the vicissitudes of life are par for the course, this alternating between comfortable and uncomfortable become an innate aspect of the human experience. We have moments that are rough and maybe they get more wretched. Yet, by their very nature, these uncomfortable or adverse circumstances become the method by which we awaken to our lives. It’s our inner conflict, our guilt, our fears, our doubt, our confusion, our sorrow, our people-pleasing, our lack of self-worth, the recognition that we are possibly striving for something we may not actually want, all our perceived imperfections that invite us to step out of the ‘waiting room’–our ‘comfort’ zone–into the open space of engagement–our learning zone, or as Rumi calls it, our ‘Guesthouse’. It boils down to this: So what ARE we waiting for to shift our relationship to this ‘one wild and precious life’?

This immersion workshop series is designed to offer very individual experiences steeped in the wisdom of age-old traditions and the newfound knowledge of Science that meet the needs of each participant and invite you to move from your comfort zone to your learning zone. This is how we come to understand humanity which is how we change our relationship with life. The learning zone becomes this open space of friendly and curious engagement where we want to be in order to engage with our lives on EVERY level.

Our workshop series immersion explores:

  • Opening/Introduction
  • The Chakra Model of Subtle Energy
  • How energy is stored, bound, and released through Yogic Wisdom practices
  • Exploring the Interplay of Shadow & Light, Yin and Yang
  • Embodiment & Online Yoga Practices
  • Intention Accelerator
  • Intention Practices
  • Individual mentoring session
  • Sealing Intention Meditation Practice
  • Closing Ceremony

Your Investment (Yoga Mandala Community Introductory Package): $450