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JOURNEY DANCE™ is a grooving exploration and celebration of the individual and his or her unique spiritual and creative capacities through music and movement. Weaving simple, guided movement sequences and free exploration, JourneyDance™ reconnects you with your innate state of joyous well-being. Your mind becomes clear, free, and positive, and your body feels supple, energized, and powerful. Practiced to inspiring world music, your dance is an empowering journey to self-acceptance, manifestation, collaboration and transformation.

JourneyDance™ does not require any previous movement or dance experience. Move, breathe and express the You underneath all the cloaks and masks you use, intentionally or unintentionally; clear Mind, Body & Spirit; awaken to the Warrior within you and to your Heart of Curiosity; raise Consciousness and manifest the way You want to be in the World. DANCE through your stories, dance yourself ecstatic, dance your life as celebration!