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The Art of Self-Inquiry in Practice, Relationship & Community

Live-stream and Live-recorded Online Practice & Leadership

COVID-19 has thrown the world for a loop. Life as we have known it has shifted. The global pandemic has impacted everyone and has certainly pulled the rug out from under our feet in both small and large ways. Black lives have always mattered, and they need to matter as much as your life or mine. For this one very simple reason: We are not separate from one another. Trauma, privilege, public health, socioeconomic status, racial justice, gender equity, cultural hierarchy cannot be addressed individually as they are inherently connected. COVID-19 is just one symptom, yet explicitly demonstrates that racism and social inequity ARE a public health issue.

There is no ‘going back to normal’ as much as we may want to hold on to the past. Let’s begin with a good look at how our own mind colors the world we all share –  inequitably. We are at a turning point in the history of the human race. How can we best contribute to a necessary shift of the status quo in yoga moving forward? We are all part of the community, part of the problem, and part of the solution. We own the responsibility of doing the work.

Let us empty our energy ‘junk drawers’ and feel the flow of energy as we honor what it means to bring ourselves back into alignment with our self and into honest relationship with one another. Before we can be in relationship with others, we need to be in harmonious relationship with ourselves. Life is traumatic. Life is dramatic. Life is unapologetic. Let’s change the way we feel by engaging, rather than avoiding or negating, our reality. Let’s commit to owning our experiences and engage, right now, in forward motion, together. If there ever was a time to take courage in change, this is it.

Let’s Be.

Let’s Feel.

Let’s Act.

Let’s Care.

Let’s listen.

Let’s Own It.

Let’s Thrive Together.

  • Community/sangha: Introductions and focused application of the Yogic Wisdom and Chakra Model of Subtle Energy to embodied practice.
  • Vinyasa krama – A wisely-sequenced somatic-experiential practice working with the framework of the Chakra Model of Subtle Energy to gain the benefits of intentional movement, presence, breathing, looking inside ourselves and feeling. 
  • How to recognize “spiritual bypass” as the suppression of our own expression or that of another and integrate our yoga into leading a more authentic, enriched, high-vibration life.
  • Closing offering/ritual to remember to bring our practice of consciousness, kindness, compassion and courage into essential conversation, connection, interrelationship and community off the mat through pervasive leadership – where every individual is empowered to lead from a position of inner knowledge, expanded social-emotional well-being & ethical responsibility, for the benefit of the whole.

Accreditation Information:

This course is approved by Yoga Alliance as post-certificate continuing education for yoga instructors. Nicole is an approved Continuing Education Provider through the Yoga Alliance [YACEP], so you may submit your certificate to the Yoga Alliance upon completion for your credit hours.


Please note:

These are distance-learning courses, and NOT certification or training courses for yoga therapists


Upon request, receive a FREE COPY of Nicole’s book, Yogini’s Dilemma, a series of letters to the yoga practitioner inviting her to explore her dilemma (any dilemma) through her practice of yoga and the yogic wisdom. The author uses pivotal moments in her own life to illustrate how the path of yoga brought her own practice into relevance in all relationships (including the one she has with her self) and into action in daily life.

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