Yoga for Stress Relief

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What is Yoga for Stress Relief?

This class is a must for general stress relief, combining the benefits of two complementary practices – Meridian Flow and Acu-Yogaand is appropriate for all levels of practice. Meridian Flow is breath-based movement that emphasizes stretching as a continuous graceful flow, rather than holding for time. This method of engaging our body’s fascial network assists in opening up the energy meridians of the body, stimulating energy flow. It helps to relieve joint stress and improve flexibility. Yoga and Acupressure are ancient Eastern body/mind/spirit healing practices. Acu-Yoga combines the benefits of both in a set of postures, or motions that naturally press most potent acupressure points located along the meridians. Combined with deep breathing, this practice helps awaken these meridians and release tension. Students will also learn about potent acupressure points located on the meridians and how to work with these points to participate actively in their own well-being, relieve common complaints and expand their awareness of their own healing energy and life spirit.

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