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Most conventional medicine works on the physical level of function. Energy work, including Reiki and Chakra Balancing, addresses dysfunction and imbalances in the energy flow in our “subtle bodies”—the emotional, mental, and ‘soul’ aspect of our being. The subtle bodies interpenetrate the physical body in much the same way as water, atmosphere, and solar radiation surround and interpenetrate the solid substance of Earth. The layers of these subtle bodies have been mapped in many different systems as the meridians in Chinese Medicine, the Chakras and Nadis in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, the Soul Chambers of Shamanic medicine, the Interior Castle of Christian Mysticism, and the branches and spheres of the Kabbalist Tree of Life, to name a few.

Ideally, energy practices are employed as complementary, rather than alternative, healing. Reiki is now being used widely in hospital and hospice settings and supports all other conventional approaches to ‘dis-ease’ treatment as well as wellness care. It is traditionally practiced as a physical/energetic/intuitive ‘laying on of hands’ to shift ‘stuck’ or unprocessed energy in the subject’s energy (subtle) bodies, and invite a state of deep relaxation and restoration that drives the innate healing process, boosts the immune system and mitigates pain. It is a powerful tool for the yoga teacher for energetic self-care in teaching and extending empowered hands-on assistance to students to facilitate the movement of prana in practice.

Energy work can help you find your way, both into the fullness of the present and into the future you want to manifest. The Reiki experience can also help you access and activate your own healing power, so the transformative process works both for you and through your laying on of hands.

REIKI TRAINING LEVELS 1, 2, Professional & Reiki Master:

  • Reiki Level 1 – Introduction to Nu-Reiki, Reiki Initiation, Self-Reiki & Laying on of Reiki Hands
  • Reiki Level 2 – Distant Reiki & Cell-Memory Process
  • Reiki Professional (Level 3) – Byosen & Chakra Balancing
  • Reiki Master – One year mentorship and training facilitation

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To enter our yoga (or other spiritual) practice deeply is to enter a relationship with Mahashakti Kundalini, the innate spiritual energy of transformation. The practice of Reiki, (Japanese for Universal Life Energy) supports us in cultivating awareness, sensitivity, and regular utilization of the healing aspect of this sacred energy.
Reiki is not only a profoundly relaxing, restorative healing modality, it is a way of life attuned to the currents that draw us naturally toward wholeness and well-being, so a perfect complement to Yoga practice. Reiki Level 1 is a powerful and life-affirming sacred event that will empower you in your working with energy.

Our purpose in teaching the empowerment symbol during Reiki 1, instead of waiting for Reiki 2, is to immediately begin to open and activate the third eye, and to energize self-healing to the highest level.

Part 1 (3.0 hours): Introduction to Reiki energy healing and Initiation attunement
Part 2 (5.0 hours) :
  • Review & opening meditation
  • First of four (elemental) Reiki I initiations (Earth) meditation
  • Discuss precepts and basic principles of how Reiki works
  • Second Reiki-I initiation (Water)
  • Introduction to hands-on Reiki: Protection/Invocation, hand positions, byosen
  • Third Reiki-1 initiation (Fire)
  • On-table practice session and demonstration
  • Fourth Reiki-1 initiation (Air)
  • Overall review and the next 21 days (self-Reiki)
  • Certificate presentations
*Please note, participation in both Parts 1 & 2 are required in order to receive Reiki Level I certification. 
REIKI LEVEL 2 INITIATION – PART 1: Distance Healing 
REIKI LEVEL 2 INITIATION – PART 2: Cell Memory Process 
*Please note, participation in both Parts 1 & 2 are required in order to receive Reiki Level II certification.


Reiki is a way of life attuned to the currents that draw us naturally toward wholeness and well-being, Whenever there is a disease in a person there will always be sensations in their energy field referred to in Japanese as hibiki, meaning resonance. Initiation to Reiki Second Degree (Level 2) offers powerful tools and techniques that address the energies of specific situations, and introduces two additional symbols that assist in focusing energy over distance and time. We will continue to explore the concepts and practice of Byosen and Reikan Ho, techniques which refer to scanning someone else’s energy field to perceive areas of disharmony or disease.