Mandala Yoga Venture Asturias, Spain 9/28-10/5/19 with Nicole & Lena

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What is Mandala Yoga Venture Asturias, Spain 9/28-10/5/19 with Nicole & Lena?


Yoga Mandala designs and leads visionary and integrative out-of-this-world ventures we would want to attend! The one thing we all have in common is our humanity. On some level each of us participates in our own ‘hero’s journey’ to remember who we are, what we are, and where we are on this path of life. That’s what makes these ventures back home to our heart so powerful. We step outside of the habitual–our habitual environment and relationships, our habitual happenings and doings, and our habitual days and nights–into the freedom of begin fresh, and human, together!  We know how hard it can be to take time out for yourself when you are consumed or overwhelmed by the busyness–or business–of life, by the assault of, or addiction to, devices, news, or the needs of others. So when your body sends you a distress signal, your mind short-circuits, or your soul is in crisis, it can be easier to ignore than to feel, or hear, or see what is going on. Carving out time and space for yourself, for self-practice, for ritual well being is a statement of self-worth. Our ventures are always combined with the natural element as we deem nature, attention to somatic wellness through yoga, meditation and other integrative experiential practices, and sangha (community), to be transformational tools in the realm of preventative well being and saumanasya, the art of being happy.

For 2019, we have chosen the spectacular untouched landscapes of Northwest Spain at Spanish Steps for you to bask in the restorative flow and yin of yoga with your fearless yoga leaders, Nicole Grant & Lena El-Chehabi. Retreat owners and hosts of Spanish Steps, Juan Carlos, and Judy, operate the delightful Hotel Fuentes de Lucía, a converted farmhouse that rests on the hillside of a green valley in the hamlet of Faedo and is part of the Parque Natural Urbiñas-La Mesa in the heart of Asturias. The Inn can accommodate 16 people in 8 rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, and either a balcony or terrace. Nestled in Quirós Valley, this casa rural is surrounded by dramatic peaks, deep gorges and crystal clear rivers, and ancient forests, a paradise for those who love the great outdoors.  An intricate system of marked footpaths leads you from one small village to the next, up and over mountain passes, and through river valleys.  Spanish Steps guides will take us on hikes through the magnificent landscape via well-trodden pathways visiting remote villages where life unchanged, continues much as it always has.

Close by is the Senda del Oso, a 30-kilometer trail from Bárzana de Quirós to Trubia, which runs through these valleys following the track of an old railway line once used for transporting coal and iron ore to the sea. Taking a leisurely stroll along the Senda del Oso is a wonderful way for those on retreat to spend the day whether by bike or on foot. Hotel Fuentes de Lucía is located 5 kilometers from the small lake of Valdemurio, where you can also paddle on a kayak, spend the afternoon on the shores with a fishing pole or take a quick dip on a sunny summer-ish day. In the next valley over, walk through the mystical canyon of Las Xanas to Pedrobeyo for a hearty lunch of Fabada, a typical Asturian white bean and chorizo stew!

We will begin our day with a ritual heart vow meditation and early morning yoga practice followed by a hearty breakfast in the main dining room, formerly a mill, before the day’s hiking adventure unfolds. We walk beautiful mountain trails, averaging approximately 15 kilometers per day, accompanied by friendly and knowledgeable guides who will fill our days with a soulful blend of scenic hiking, historical insights, traditional experiences and wonderful food.  Savor local Asturian cuisine, sample aromatic cheeses and sip the traditional beverage, Sidra Asturianu, a cider made from locally grown apples. Trek through scenic gorges and alongside babbling brooks; dine in local taverns; explore 10th-century churches; and relax under Spain’s oldest yew tree, El Tiexo, planted more than 1000 years ago in a sacred meadow. In the late afternoon, we journey deep into yoga’s restorative yin and nidra practices to rejuvenate our trekking legs and resorb nature’s bounty from the day before enjoying lovely home-cooked dinners prepared by the owners of Fuentes de Lucia. No matter what your level of fitness and yoga experience the whole of this offers you the perfect excuse to escape to a mountain haven for a while.

Welcome to Spanish Steps Hotel Fuentes de Lucia (video)



Includes: Accommodations, 2 yoga sessions daily; breakfast & dinner; guided hikes with bi-lingual guide; pick-up / drop-off in Oviedo (airport). Does not include the cost of (off-peak) flights

  • $800 Deposit by March 28, 2019
  • $1,080 Outstanding by June 30, 2019
  • $360/month Jan-Jun 2019 (6 installments) Payment Plan for full cost of program (total $2160) 
  • $2400 Full cost of program AFTER June 28, 2019 (space-permitting)

SPANISH STEPS/MANDALA PROGRAM ITINERARY [limited to 14 participants, double-occupancy]:

  • 7:30 a Guided seated meditation or aimless wandering (walking meditation)
  • 8:00 a Chakra vinyasa yoga 
  • 9:30 a Breakfast
  • 10:15 a Guided hike
  • 2:00 p Lunch somewhere or picnic
  • 5:00 p Back at hotel (rest, massages, chill out) 
  • 6:30-ish Restorative or yin yoga with yoga nidra 
  • 8:00 or 8:30 p Dinner 
  • Optional: Silent meditation (10 minutes)
  • 10:00 p  A la Cama (to bed) 

FLIGHT DETAILS (most under $1000) – Boston [BOS] to Oviedo, Spain [OVD, Asturias]:

Outgoing flight is typically an overnight flight (from Boston) so your departure date will be Friday Sept 27, 2019 unless you decide to arrive earlier and stay in Oviedo (or elsewhere) prior to the retreat; return departure is Saturday October 5, 2019:

  • TAP Portugal: BOS-LIS (Lisbon, Portugal)-OVD
  • Iberia: BOS-MAD (Madrid, Spain)-OVD
  • British Airways: BOS-MAD-OVD
  • American Airlines: BOS-MAD-OVD
  • Finnair: BOS-MAD-OVD