Sound Healing with SoundScapers

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What is Sound Healing with SoundScapers?

Sound Bowls, used for centuries in the East as a protocol for healing. Sounds, for better or for worse, have a profound effect on our psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical health as they penetrate to our very core. Sounds from modern life can have a negative effect on our constitutions, so choosing silence and the vibrational energy of sacred sound and music over discord serves to maintain a state of equilibrium. A Sound Healing session gives us the opportunity to repair the negative effects of our environments on our physiology and mental well-being as we drink in the restorative, exquisite sounds that still the soul and tune us back to our Self. Employing primarily seven Crystal Sound Bowls, each one tuned to one of the chakras, Joe Hayes & Josh Fonseca also use the human voice, guided imagery, the didgeridoo, the gong, and trance Native American drumming in the safe and welcoming atmosphere of the yoga studio. Bring your intentions, then let your mind, body and soul be bathed in healing sound. You’ll leave feeling wonderfully renewed, deeply relaxed, and energized.