Yoga Basics & Meditation

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What is Yoga Basics & Meditation?

Learn how to observe and nurture your most precious assets: body and mind. This class prepares the physical body for sitting and offers elemental instruction in breath work and the practice of mindfulness meditation and calm abiding (shamata).

What we do in the morning sets the tone for the entire day. What we do in the evening sets the tone for a good night’s sleep which is essential to our immunity and emotional well-being (and non-reactivity). Learn techniques in breath control and receive meditation instruction as a way to invite the body to stop being busy, the breath to slow down, and the mind to begin settling–especially if it feels frayed, overwhelmed, restless, distracted, or dull. From within this stillness, breathing practices and guided visualization serve to awaken, move, and deepen awareness within our body-mind systems and guide us to deeper levels of consciousness (mindfulness). We tap into our Rest & Relaxation Response (the parasympathetic nervous system) which has positive implications for managing social anxiety, depression, insomnia, persistent (chronic) pain, addictive tendencies (and more).

Yoga and meditation constitute a practice:  Showing up again and again for oneself helps to cultivate space and stillness from within to help us heal and enhance our sense of well-being.

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