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In a world that feels increasingly groundless, the therapeutic methodologies, tools and techniques of yoga, breathing, mudra, mantra and meditation offer valuable and powerful practices to anchor you in the flow of your life and bring you (back) to the innate intelligence of your body, awareness of your mind, and remembering who you are. You may seek a more discerning approach to yoga or a space to simply BE and breathe, to release the daily stresses of life, to find yourself, to rediscover community.

Nicole’s style of teaching is trauma-informed and uses discerning verbal cues, demonstration and gentle hands-on assists to guide the practitioner through a wisely-sequenced yoga practice that explores the chakra model of subtle energy. In this way, your practice serves to keep the mind yoked with the body as it integrates the innate intelligence of each posture. Each pose sets you up for the next one with specific attention to functional anatomy, breath, bandhas (gathering of awareness and physical action in a specific location in the body as a way to harness and direct energy) and dristhi or gazing point as a way of steadying the attention. The overall intention for these 75-minute classes is to bring the yogic wisdom into our practice of asana and into action in daily life. Become curious about the ways in which we can all access and experience our yoga practice as a powerful path to taking responsibility for ourselves and the way we step into our relationships and into community. All levels of practice welcome.

Yoga Mandala and Be Well Be Here collaborate to extend to you solidarity and support, especially when life gets difficult or practicing alone becomes a challenge. Like you, we suffer the sorrows of life and reap its joys too. We know what this feels like and we know that it is what makes us all uniquely human. We know too that together we get stronger and more powerful and more present. So give yourself the gift of the present moment and join us in showing up to do the work of living it as fully, and presently, as possible. An 8-week series lead by Nicole at Be Well Be Here, Concord, MA.