Somatic Yoga Essentials & Mindfulness at Be Well Be Here

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What is Somatic Yoga Essentials & Mindfulness at Be Well Be Here?

Our day can suck us in from the moment we awake. What we do in the morning sets the tone for the entire day; as the day progresses, we can engage with the business of our  daily life with a level of awareness and wherewithal, or get caught up in the mindless activity of busyness, distractions and noise; and what we do in the evening can set us up for a restless 0r a good night’s sleep. We always have the choice to take pause, whether in the early hours when the mind is at its quietest, or during the day to press the ‘reset’ button, or at night, to release the occurrences of the day.

In a world that feels increasingly groundless, the tools and techniques, the therapeutic practices and methodologies of yoga and meditation offer tremendously powerful ways to bring you (back) to the innate intelligence of your body, awareness of your mind, and remembering who you are. We may seek a more discerning approach to yoga or a space to simply BE and breathe, to release the daily stresses of life, to find ourselves, to rediscover community. Whatever your reasons, the Be Well Be Here community offers solidarity and support, especially when life gets difficult, or practicing alone or staying on the cushion is a challenge. Like you, we suffer and enjoy life. So give yourself the gift of the present moment and join us in showing up to do the work of living it as fully, and presently, as possible.