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We venture the perspective that when systems fail to thrive, they are out of alignment with their foundational elements because they are caught up in bubbles of outdated paradigms and principles, and in separation rather than in collaboration. We design, develop and implement outside-your-box, evidence-based somatic and mindfulness-based programs, immersion trainings and ad-ventures that empower individuals and groups to assume 100% responsibility for their self-care, social-emotional well-being and interpersonal relationships. Each  as a demonstrated impact on the internal mechanisms that are critical to enhancing, strengthening and sustaining motivation, morale, creativity and integrated outcomes in ALL aspects of life and across all business models and practices.

For each of us, the path of self-mastery is constantly evolving and has an intelligence of its own that guides us in the direction of our own healing and purposefulness. Mandala Ventures takes you from that place of self-healing, engages you with what matters most to you, and shows you how to bring that consciousness into relationship with yourself and others, in a way that makes a difference in your life and in the world.

Venture forward with your yoga and take the powerful practice of consciousness from your mat into your life in the realms of work, family and life. Our 7-day international ventures are strategically designed to bring you back to nature and community, to remind you of who you are and where you are on this path of life, and to leverage your yoga practice and the bounties of nature to bring you back into holistic alignment with self and others. Here, we step outside of the habitual–our habitual environments and relationships, our habitual happenings and doings, our habitual days and nights–into the freedom of ‘refreshing’ ourselves. We invite you to carve out time and space for yourself, for self-practice, for ritual well being, for shifting perspective, for learning, because all are statements of self-worth. Our experiential ventures always combine the practices of yoga with the natural element and our trusted hosts and guides as we deem the combination of nature, attention to somatic wellness and sangha (community) to be transformational tools in the realm of preventative wellness and saumanasya, the art of being happy.