Ben founded Conscious Living as a blend of meditation training, thoughtful conversation and energy healing to empower clients with mental clarity, inner peace and a deeper sense of well-being.

“Even as a child, I felt the suffering of the World, and dreamt of offering myself to alleviate some of that suffering. By the time I got to college, this desire transformed into a study of social justice and planetary ecology — I thought this might be my path. I worked hard on developing my knowledge and competence in these areas, but still did not attain that sense of deep meaning. Just before my 20th birthday, I discovered meditation. Amazingly, three deep sources coalesced to guide me to an understanding of my life’s calling. I was working on a permaculture project as part of my interest in ecology; the gentle woman who led the project suggested that, before I begin working the soil, I take time to connect deeply with the earth. My professor of social justice taught us basic meditation as a means of deepening compassion for the other, and to find ways of connecting to our inner selves. Almost simultaneously, a close friend introduced me to the idea of dharma and to the exploration of inner consciousness. I began to learn of my Self and of the path to achieving a deeper connection with all that is. Together, these three Teachers inspired me to seek myself within.

I found myself plunging into the philosophy and practice of meditation, and, in particular the ancient teachings of India. Through the hard work of study and practice, I kept “coming back to the breath”, and resolved to commit my life to the pursuit of deeper understanding — and, if I could, to help others along that path. Having studied deeply the esoteric and exoteric teaching of five religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Taoism, I have found these philosophies to hold profound guidance for personal growth. In due time, I pursued a Master’s Degree in East-West Psychology. This enriching period of study and self-development confirmed my earlier instinct, and I launched my practice, Conscious Living, with an eye to providing you with a rich combination of mindfulness-based counseling, reiki and meditation training. I have chosen to commit my life to this path.”

Ben collaborates and runs programs with Be Well Be Here and Yoga Mandala to evolve human connection and consciousness as an essential step to realizing a fuller, richer and more satisfying life, professionally, personally and in all relationships.