Cynthia Peterson

Meet Cynthia:

Cynthia began practicing yoga in 2001.  She completed her first 200 RYT in 2003, and a second one in 2011.

Her teaching style is fun with a focus on body awareness, alignment, and breathing techniques.  She invites class participants to find enjoyment in the poses and connect movement with the breath.  A central theme in her practice is that “yoga is about paying attention.”

Every class, every asana, every breath is an opportunity to reconnect with your ever-present, always-loving, inner, higher, and best self.  Cynthia is a singularly devoted yoga practitioner committed to practicing what she preaches: Accepting “what is,” yet showing up day in and day out without ever giving up on yourself. Her journey of personal growth and healing is evident in her classes as well as in her personal life.

She offers many thanks to all her yoga teachers, past and present for their roles in leading her down the path to her yogic lifestyle.