Maureen Miller

Maureen Miller, Yoga NH Owner/Director, MA, E-RYT-500

Life is a balance, the yin and yang of day-to-day living.  That is what my yin/yang chakra logo symbolizes: balance, intuition, flow, and discovery.  Some moments/hours/days we are happy and content and in touch with our intuition and some moments, hours, days we are stressed and not in balance. What choices can we make and what questions can we ask to explore our lives with awareness?

What is important to me? How do I want to be in my relationship with others? Are my choices in alignment with my core values? Am I living authentically? What do I know about myself that can tip the scales to more happiness and less stress in my life?

When we live with full awareness and connection to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, we can live a happier life with an understanding of what contributes to our happiness – and our stressful times.  When we do this, we live on purpose, with purpose.  And that contributes to happier relationships, families, workplaces and communities.

I am a teacher (yoga teacher trainer), a life coach, business coach and Reiki Master.  I lead trainings (the Yoga NH Teacher Training/Develop Your Practice – TT/DYP – is in it’s 9th year), workshops, and e-courses focusing on philosophy, personal development, human flourishing, yoga, living with essential oils, and other topics to assist others on their journey toward determining what feeds their soul. I have been studying yoga, philosophy, human development, holistic healing modalities, and more, for over 15 years and enjoy being in learning mode.  The skills and experience in the leadership position I have held at a state-wide human service position for over 12 years have contributed to my success in leading the Living Yoga community as well as the TT/DYP program.

You can also find me on my Living Life, Making Choices Facebook Community – a community of over 500,000 ‘Likes’ where I post daily quotes that contribute to wonder and curiosity … about living life and the choices we make.

E-courses and face-to-face sessions about Living Life, Making Choices and Women, Spirituality & Well-Being will begin again soon.  So many exciting events and opportunities to examine  how you find balance, trust your intuition, go with the flow, and discover what feeds your soul!

If you have quotes, thoughts, and/or want to be a guest blogger, please email Maureen at:

 UNH LogoMASTER of ARTS: University of New Hampshire, Durham
Degree:  Liberal Studies
Focus: Women, Spirituality & Well-Being

Yoga Alliance logo1YOGA, E-RYT500

Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher, 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance
Director of Yoga NH’s RYS (Registered Yoga School) Teacher Training/Develop Your Practice Program

Post 500-hour training includes: a 5-day Trauma Informed Mindy Body (TIMBo) training with Sue Jones.

Certified Professional Coach with the University of New Hampshire
and Certified Health/Life Coach with Health, Yoga, Life ~ Boston, MA.

earth and sky logoREIKI MASTER TEACHER
Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher with Libby Barnett, Reiki Healing Connection

Reiki I, II and Master with Stacey Gibbons Earth & Sky Yoga, NH