Pam Gaither

Pam (C-IAYT and E-RYT ) is an IAYT-certified yoga therapist and yoga instructor with extensive training in the Anusara and Ashtanga  methods. She has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 30 years. Pam teaches throughout New England and specializes in anatomy and therapeutics.

At the ripe age of 13, Pam’s mom Tootsie introduced her to the practice of yoga. Within weeks she knew that she was onto something radical and wise. Pam began teaching yoga in 1997, after years of tennis, running, and giving birth to three darling babies (now all over 6 feet tall).  Pam teaches classes that are challenging, inspiring, and safe. She wants students to leave class feeling better than when they showed up, like they can tackle whatever is standing in their way.
Pam has been lucky to have incredible teachers, including Bo Forbes, John Friend, Deb Neubauer, Todd Norian, Desiree Rumbaugh, Marc St. Pierre, Patricia Walden, Beryl Bender Birch, Baron Baptiste, and Rolf Gates. Her philosophy teachers include Douglas Brooks, Paul Muller-Ortega and a burgeoning batch of philosophy books. Pam’s family is her backbone and her greatest inspiration.

Class with Pam
Pam’s classes are designed to open your heart, uplift your spirits, and extended your physical and emotional boundaries. Under her guidance students will receive a healthy blend of form and flow – movement and alignment inspired by breath. Each class is built on progressive sequencing, stories that inspire, a dabbling of yoga philosophy, and good fun. A hallmark of Pam’s instruction is her attention to the needs of each individual student. She teaches with authenticity and a genuine desire to inspire students to discover their inner radiance. Students leave class calm, openhearted, and ready. Please visit her website at