Sharon founded Here Comes the Sun Yoga as a way to share her love of yoga with as many children as possible.  Working with schools, studios, teachers, physicians, social workers, psychologists and more.  She also donates her time to local charities to create awareness thru events, fundraisers and wellness fairs

Her Mission: To Spread Sunshine Everywhere I Go! (And she does!).

Sharon is certified by Child Light Yoga to teach children and parents on the many benefits of yoga. Her goal is to continue to develop her personal yoga practice and offer amazing programming to educate others on the benefits of yoga–especially children and teens, to empower them with confidence, self-awareness, resilience and kindess!  Sharon’s Youth Yoga programs and classes encourage teamwork and teach respect, creating a healthy attitude, building confidence and making kids aware of a sense of community.

Sharon is also the author of “The Boy with the Pink Socks,” and “What’s In Your Pot?” A children’s yoga book for kids and by kids!