Susan Desmarais

A student of yoga for thirty-five years and a teacher for fifteen, Susan is a Functional Wellness Consultant and a Yoga Alliance ERYT, and currently engrossed in a 2-year program at the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology. Susan’s own personal experience in autoimmune disease and her struggle with conventional medicine has led her to the path of sharing with others how to be empowered in managing and monitoring their own health. The combination of yoga practice, research, and study culminated with her Yoga For Hormonal Balance series, presented in Rome, Italy and in Arlington, MA, and to anyone curious to learn more about the physiology of their bodies and the direct link to yoga, medical practitioners, functional interpretation of lab results, individual dietary needs, lifestyle habits, gut health, blood sugar balance, autoimmune conditions, hormone balance, genetic test interpretation and specialty labs. Her desire is to enlighten and educate those who are struggling with idiopathic illness and unresolved physiological conditions before the need for conventional medical intervention is required.