Private Yoga Instruction

Private one-on-one sessions

Private Yoga Instruction

Whether you are working with specific concerns or seeking to advance your physical, energetic or spiritual practice, we look forward to working with you to best serve your needs. You may request a one-time session or arrange for a series of private sessions with any of our instructors. Please call or email Nicole at 781-368-9339 or

Fees and Policies for Services:
We are fully committed to providing the best of which we are capable to meet your needs. This information is intended to clarify the commitment that we ask of you in return. In this way, our work together becomes a mutually beneficial partnership!

Yoga & Yoga Therapy*:
• Private session 1-hour approximately (please allow 60-70 min) $120 ($180 off-site)
• 4-session series $400
• Semi-private session (please allow 60-70 min) $75 per person
• ½ hr. child/teen session $45


*Please feel free to ask for information about any of these options, and to discuss fees as necessary. Finances should never be an insurmountable obstacle to healing work!