Private Yoga Therapy Instruction

Private one-on-one sessions

Private Yoga Therapy Instruction

Whether you are working with specific concerns or seeking to advance your physical, energetic or spiritual practice, I look forward to working with you to best serve your needs. I typically work one-on-one with current students whose needs I have become familiar with. If you are new to the practice of yoga, cannot attend group classes, or are seeking yoga therapy to address specific concerns I will ask to have a conversation with you to address what it is you are looking for and, if there is interest in working together, I will email you a client intake and agreement which serves to clarify mutual expectations and how our work together will proceed. I offer private sessions in packs of 4 ($400 on-site) to be used within 2 months of starting our work together. I typically only offer one-time sessions for regular yoga students, so if this is what you are looking for I am happy to arrange for a private yoga lesson with one of my equally-qualified colleagues. Please email me at

Fees and Policies for Services:
I am fully committed to providing the best of which I am capable to meet your needs. The information in the client agreement is intended to clarify the commitment that I ask of you in return. In this way, our work together becomes a mutually beneficial partnership!

Yoga & Yoga Therapy*:
• Private session 1-hour approximately (please allow 60-70 min) $120 ($180-$300 off-site) — for current clients only.
• 4-session series $400 (in-studio)
• Semi-private session (please allow 60-70 min) $75 per person — for current clients only.
• ½ hr. child/teen session $45


*Please feel free to ask for information about any of these options, and to discuss fees as necessary. Finances should never be an insurmountable obstacle to healing work!