Breathe. Heal. Master. MANIFEST.


Welcome to Yoga Mandala’s Ventures!

Yoga Mandala offers a map to a more personally satisfying and practical application of the powerful methodologies of yoga to all realms of your day-to-day life. Our innovative, strategic and transformational yoga-based intensives, venture programs and certifications are designed to bring you back to community, to nature and source your unique gifts, skill sets, voice and intentionality so that you may leverage your yoga in your work, your life and your spiritual practice.

MAP Your Yoga is the practice of creating space in your life to read your map, get your bearings, and understand the system and paradigms you engage with so you can ultimately get to where you want to be in your life with less resistance and far more flow. You are not bound by any particular system of yoga or other training; rather, you will be guided by the time-tested truths and wisdom of the yogic path itself to deliver your message in a way that matters to you and shifts consciousness in the ways you do business and enter into relationship with yourself and others.

The way you live your life will show up on your mat or on your cushion, so take notice. Your practice, whatever it is, is your call to conscious action–anything less is ‘spiritual bypass’. For each of us, the path of self-mastery is constantly evolving and has an intelligence of its own that guides us in the direction of our own healing and purposefulness. Yoga Mandala takes you from that place of self-healing, engages you with what matters most to you, and shows you how to touch others with your unique gifts and message and, as an agent of healing, make a difference in your life and in the world.