Intake, Investment, Policies & Etiquette

Client Intake & Evaluation

If you are interested in any of Yoga Mandala’s offerings, please contact Nicole at

We look forward to seeing you!


Fees and Policies for Services:

We are fully committed to providing the best of which we are capable to meet your needs. This information is intended to clarify the commitment that we ask of you in return. In this way, our work together becomes a mutually beneficial partnership!



Private Yoga Packages

  • Yoga Package (4) $800
  • Offsite (per hour) $500

1-Day Immersion Intensives

Practices & Training
  • Teaching Yoga $1500
  • Leadership $2500
  • Subtle Energy Landscape $1500


Please feel free to ask for information about any of these investment options.

Please feel free to ask for information about any of these programs and investment options




For the comfort, safety, and respect of all our clients: Please

  • Arrive on time and plan some downtime after your session to receive maximum benefits¬†
  • Fill out a client intake (or evaluation)¬†ahead of time.
  • Turn off your cell phone (or leave it in your car or at home)
  • Remove your shoes and any jewelry
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes or heavy fragrances
  • You will NOT need to make conversation – this time is yours and we are here for you.